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Hi. I’m Robin.

I'm a makeup artist and Northern Virginia leader with SeneGence. My goal when working with a client is to identify products that will help you feel confident and are simple to use. Five minutes to makeup that lasts all day.

See my featured article in the January / February of Arlington Magazine. I love to serve my clients and my team. Robin Mott - Arlington Magazine or you can browse product options here: Senesite - Lipsforgrace

Are you looking for a options to earn money? I was five years ago. I wanted to have the freedom to make choices. My job at the time was super stressing based on the actions of others. Having grown up in poverty, I wasn't comfortable leaving a job without having a strategy. Enter SeneGence. I was able to execute a plan where I could leave that job and find the one I wanted. I love the flexibility SeneGence offers to stay in my career while also serving and supporting my clients and team members.

With SeneGence you can do it as personal use, hobby, part time or full time. Working part time has earned me awards for personal sales, sponsoring, and monthly recognition for consistent performance. It's your choice. 

Whether it is offering a makeover to reveal your inner beauty or helping you accomplish goals for 2021, I am here to help at every step. Click the button below to learn more.
I can't wait to serve you with love and respect.

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